Friday, November 11, 2011


A UK visit visa allows a person to travel and stay in the UK for up to six months. The visit visa may cover visitors for pleasure, business or medical treatment and those passing through immigration UK.

A Business Visitor Visa is often the best temporary immigration route for business people who wish to visit UK for short durations. Visitors on a business trip may not engage in any type of employment and may only attend business meetings, conferences or auditing work.

This is a very swift and effective type of visa which allows people to enter the UK without the need for the more formal requirements of other immigration routes, such as those involved in a Work Permit application, to be approved.

A Business Visitor Visa can be granted for a single entry or for multiple entries with a validity of two years. This way a person does not require constant renewals every time they wish to travel to the UK on business.

Artists who are not performing can also use this visa to enter the UK if they wish to attend interviews or promote a piece of work such as a movie or a book without needing to apply for any permit to work.

A multiple entry UK tourist visa is valid for up to two years. A person can stay on a visitor visa for a maximum of six months at a time except for medical visitors who can extend their leave to remain if required. As outlined above, the key benefit of a UK Business Visitor Visa, or a visa for tourism is that the requirements on the part of the applicant are few. Unlike longer-term business visa, student visas or the Tier 1 visa, this short-term visa service allows its holder to enter the country freely and in the case of business people, to engage in a range of business activities, bypassing more stringent requirements of other visa categories.

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